Media Animation



At SuperSale3D, we are passionate about animation. We’ve seen how effective high-quality media animation can be at boosting brand awareness, grabbing audience attention, and, ultimately, driving projects toward success.

We’ve served companies of all sizes. So, whether you’re a seasoned brand looking to expand your business, or a fresh start-up searching for ways to build brand awareness, our team will create the best animation solution to suit your needs.

With our diverse skill set, we produce the following kinds of media animation:

  • Whiteboard animation
  • Logo animation
  • 3D cartoon animation
  • 2D cartoon animation
  • Other animated videos


Continue Reading to learn more about the different kinds of animation and which one best fits your businesses needs, or check out our Media Animation Portfolio below.



Our Media Animation Services


Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a style of video in which the content – a story or a storyboard – is being hand-drawn on a school whiteboard, oftentimes accompanied by voice narration. Whiteboard animations are effective for

Communicating large amounts of information. Whiteboard animations are incredibly effective for communicating complex content with large amounts of information to be shared in one presentation. This includes technical, educational, marketing, and other highly detailed content. Breaking down this type of information into visual segments piques interest and keeps viewers engaged.

Sharing across social media platforms. Sharing your whiteboard animation across social media platforms can help you reach wide audiences both locally and globally.

Demonstrating how your products or services work. Whether you want to share your brand’s story or demonstrate how your products or services work, whiteboard animation can help you communicate your vision.

Presenting with clarity and style. Whiteboard animation lends itself well to the corporate environment and allows you to gain a competitive edge in your B2B marketing. Using high-quality whiteboard animation to present your product or services to other businesses can put you well ahead of your competitors.


Logo Animation

Logo animation simply adds animation to your static logo, making it dynamic. An animated brand logo

Tells your brand’s story. Through an animated logo, you can convey what’s unique about your business, creating a memorable story that will stay with the audience. Are you in the business of designing furniture to match the homeowners’ personality? Or, perhaps, you’re a fast food restaurant where “fast” is really the keyword? Communicate this creatively through your dynamic logo.

Grabs attention and evokes emotions. A story well told evokes emotions. A well-executed animated logo is an excellent story teller with the ability to grab attention and evoke an emotional reaction from the audience.

Increases brand awareness. A logo animation capable of eliciting emotions increases brand awareness and amplifies what sets it apart from the competition.


Where can my brand use an animated logo?

Website: When embedded onto a website, an animated logo helps reduce bounce rates, increase page visit length, and even boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Viewers tend to spend more time on the website if there’s animation on it, and the Google algorithm takes this into account. This increases the website’s visibility and improves its ranking.

Email signatures: Including an animated logo with your email marketing campaigns generates interest and leads to visitor clicks and inquiries about proposed products or services.

Digital video production and online marketing efforts: Incorporating animated logos in video content intended for YouTube or other digital platforms, or as a part of online marketing campaigns, will grab attention, generate curiosity as to what’s behind the brand, and draw viewers into the content.

Social media: When used on social media, an animated logo can help the content stand out from the crowd and encourage content sharing by not only brand followers, but also those new to it.

Presentations: Offline, you can use an animated logo in power point presentations to grab your audience’s attention and maintain interest in your offers.


Cartoon Animation

Drawing upon our creativity and passion for animation we also use sophisticated animation software to create cartoon animation in both 2D and 3D.

2D animation involves hand-drawing individual frames on a flat surface, while 3D animation is done using specialized software that allows artists to create 3D images in a digital space. Both types can be visually appealing and effective mediums for telling your story. The decision to use 2D or 3D animation will come down to your brand’s aesthetics and the business purpose of the animation. We look forward to shaping your unique ideas into compelling animated stories in either dimension.


If you have a media animation project in mind, get in touch with us today. Check out our Media Animation samples above.