3D Architectural Animation



3D architectural animation, also known as a walkthrough or flythrough, is a form of a short movie that allows viewers to fully immerse themselves into the architectural structure before it is built. Unlike 2D still single image rendering, 3D architectural animation showcases the interior or exterior of the property as it’s made of hundreds or even thousands of images. These images are compiled together and displayed simultaneously to produce a video with a cinematic effect. As a new, innovative way to visualize the space, digital animations provide better in-depth immersion and bring project ideas to life.

3D animation can benefit professionals from many property development aspects, from architecture to interior and exterior design. It’s an excellent tool for promoting real estate projects as it creates a long-lasting impression on stakeholders. Because of its real-life feel, 3D animation resonates better with clients by evoking powerful emotions, intriguing them, and ultimately increasing the likelihood of approval. Interior and exterior designers also benefit from the capabilities a sophisticated architectural animation offers. Through animated videos, they can receive important information on property specifications, such as measurements and space functions. This alone minimizes mistakes and avoids the need for repeated corrections throughout the actual construction process.

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Our 3D Architectural Animation Services

At SuperSale3D, we produce professional 3D animation videos based on dynamic 3D rendering, combined with visual and audio elements, including effects and full editing. We serve a wide range of clients, including real estate developers, interior and exterior designers, architects, renovators, and remodelers.

We use state-of-the art technology to produce our architectural animations, but it’s truly our animators’ creativity and their artistic vision that breathe life into the various design ideas that our clients bring to us. Our skilled animators have many years of experience producing top-notch 3D animations that have helped thousands of our clients to boost their marketing and advertising efforts, speed up overall client approval times, and secure investments , prior to property construction.

Whether you require animation services for residential or commercial real estate, our expert team stands ready take care of your project needs professionally and quickly. Our track record shows that your new custom 3D architectural animation is guaranteed to impress everyone.


At SuperSale3D, we offer three main 3D animation packages:

  • Basic package: a 30-second-long 3D animation of both interior and exterior of your intended construction project.
  • Standard package: a 60-second-long 3D animation of both interior and exterior, showcasing in-depth details and specifications of your property.
  • Premium package: a detailed 2-minute-long 3D animation, incorporating multiple buildings into one video. This package is perfect for large-scale property development projects.

We also offer custom-length animations based on your unique project needs and specifications. We want our animations to maximize the impact of your property branding and marketing campaign goals. Give us a call, and we’ll design an individualized plan that will benefit your project the most.

How do we begin your new 3D architectural animation project? The process is quite simple. First, we will ask you to send us all the necessary information, including architectural drawings or sketches in any format, such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), PDF, JPG. In addition, we will listen as to how you envision the overall design of your property, the intended functions of each space, and any layout or style preferences you may have. The more information you share, the better equipped we are in producing the perfect 3D animation to best fit your needs. The next stage will involve designing draft animations to determine the views, angles, movement, music, voice, and other elements to establish an understanding of how the animation will look once all pieces are put together. In the end, we will finalize our work by producing a full-color, cinematic animation, which will be delivered to you as a high-resolution file.

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Top Benefits of Using 3D Animation in Architecture

3D animation allows you to visualize your architectural project from an entirely new perspective:

  • Imagining the development before starting it. 3D animation allows you to have an immersive experience through which you get a feel for how your project will look like in reality. Any changes or suggested improvements can be quickly and efficiently made, without incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Receiving a clear understanding of the project. 3D animation clearly details all the details of the project to the viewer in the most organic and visually appealing way possible, guaranteeing that the viewer understands everything. This far surpasses the capabilities of traditional sketches and designs that may lack significant details due to their limitations.
  • Promoting a product to investors. Using 3D animations is beneficial in promoting a product to attract investors, before embarking on its actual construction. Your prospective investors will be able to understand the exact vision of the proposed design, which will allow them to make an informed decision before making an investment.
  • Experiencing shorter client approval time. 3D animation is not only highly informative of different design aspects, but it is also fully immersive. Boasting expressive cinematic features, 3D animations capture the viewer’s attention, allowing them to connect on a deeper level with the proposed property. This deeper connection often leads to a faster client approval.


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