3D Virtual Reality for Real Estate


3D Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Virtual reality is an excellent tool for real estate companies and architectural firms to include in their marketing strategies. Not only does it enable them to sell a property from any corner of the world, it often shortens the home buying and selling process. Instead of entering an empty home, qualified buyers are able to walk into a well-furnished space where every detail has been skillfully thought out, immersing them in an eye-pleasing, exciting viewing experience. By embracing 3D technology in their business, sellers and their agents place themselves ahead of the competition and increase the probability of deal closures


How to Boost Your Real Estate Business

- 3D Virtual Tours: Thanks to 3D virtual reality, it has become possible for real estate and architectural companies to offer qualified buyers highly personalized, in-depth tours without paying a visit to the property. A 360 degree virtual reality (VR) tour is an interactive experience that allows potential customers to see the property from every angle before deciding if it’s right for them. Virtual 360s with a VR headset, which allows for a three-dimensional property walkthrough, offer buyers an even deeper immersive experience.

- 3D Virtual Staging: According to a 2021 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 82% of real estate agents said staging made it easier for their buyers to visualize themselves as the owners of the property, and 31% stated that home staging substantially decreased the amount of time a home remained on the market. 3D virtual staging decreases the costs associated with physical staging while also increasing the efficiency of the property selling process. Adding renderings of furniture and fixtures to a home, and creating a special atmosphere, enables prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in it, inspiring a greater feeling of being at home.

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Top Benefits of Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Allows buyers to visit anytime from anywhere: Imagine visiting a home without leaving your chair any day or any time of the day and year. No need to purchase a plane ticket or drive miles on end for an opportunity to see the property because it is available for viewing at the time that suits you the best. You can be anywhere in the world and visit every corner of the property without expending time, effort, and money! In this way, real estate agents using 3D virtual reality make buying a property so much more convenient than with traditional real estate marketing strategies. It’s essentially a 24/7 open house!

Saves sellers and buyers time: There’s no need for appointments to meet, visit the property, and engage in endless exchange of paperwork, ideas, questions, and offers. Everything can be done online at both the buyer’s and seller’s convenience.

Evokes instant sense of ownership: Being highly interactive, 3D virtual reality allows the viewers a sense of ownership. The privacy of the virtual tour allows them to walk around the home as if it is their own. This boosts their interest in the property and plays a significant role in their buying decision.

Builds credibility of the real estate company: Using the capabilities that 3D virtual reality offers means a company is embracing new technologies to allow its clients a pleasurable experience hunting for their right property. This evokes a sense of trust and reliability for the client, which positively influences the outcome of the property selling process.



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