1-Adjust the lighting intelligently:

The brightness adjustment in the meter controls the speed and quality of the magnifier to a large extent, and the adjustment process is not as complex as is common. Max is characterized by the variety of methods and options in lighting settings, which makes you get an appropriate way to provide you with excellent lighting reflected on the quality and speed of the results is not difficult.
All you need is clear instructions on how to use the most effective lighting methods and how easy to apply them.

2-Adjust properties of raw materials:

V-Ray offers the ability to control materials with physical properties that accurately simulate reality. Many V-Ray users sometimes overlook the importance of adjusting physical properties that give realistic results to materials that are positively reflected on the whole scene by increasing the realism and similarity of the photographs in terms of results and quality.

3-Selecting professional shooting angles:

Choosing a special angle for shots is an application of what a professional photographer does, but this time in a three-dimensional environment. A professional photographer does not set up raw materials and sometimes does not have extensive options for controlling the level of lighting settings. But he still manages to take out dazzling shots intelligently choosing the right angle for the cat and the elements it looks like and how it is distributed in the scene. A little practice would improve the user’s ability to select better shots.

4-Color correction processes:

Many of the professional footage is subject to post-render improvement, which is what is called post-processing. Sometimes Post Processing may involve complex work and significant alterations to the scene. But what we mean here is color correction is to adjust the characteristics of the color of the shot by controlling the basic adjustment characteristics such as Brightness & Contrast, which you will notice that have a strong impact compared to the effort and time it takes

5-Understanding the language of the program:

Any program that has a language of use and general features that make it different from other programs. Understanding the language of the program and understanding it not only helps to ease the use of the program only. But helps to learn all the new features that are added to the program easily and quickly. It also helps to understand the mechanism of the plugins that can be installed in the program. New trainees are therefore advised to take specially designed exercises to help them understand the language of the program’s characteristics and their comprehension.

6-Using basic commands in smart tricks:

Many advanced skills in the Max depend entirely or almost entirely on the use of basic commands. But these commands are adapted to be used intelligently and effectively. Despite its simplicity as orders, it has clever uses in different ways that make it tools capable of doing a lot of work and shortening a lot of effort.
Training based on the principle of experience and practice helps greatly improve the performance of the trainee and his ability to take advantage of the orders in smart and multiple ways.